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Application Date: 12/29/2017
Site Address:
Issue Date:
Status: Open to Public Comment
Finaled Date:
Shoreline Permit: SHR2017-00011
Use on any device, email capability not needed, attachments not allowed
A Public hearing before the Hearing Examiner is
scheduled for June 7, 2018at 1:00PM in Room
160 of the Clallam County Courthouse.
Description: The open record hearing shall be continued to 1:00 PM, June 7, 2018.
1. Additional public comment to the County on the proposal would be allowed until the close of
business on April 27, 2018.
2. The Applicant shall provide any response to public comment to the County by May 18, 2018.
3. The County shall provide a supplemental staff report and copies of submitted material to the Hearing
Examiner by May 31, 2018.
Reestablish oyster aquaculture subsequent to resolution of water quality impairments in Dungeness
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Case Entered
... ... Date Entered: 12/29/2017
GIS Edit Done
... ... Updated: 12/29/2017
Notice of Application (type 3)
NOA Sent: 2/21/2018... Hearing After: 3/23/2018... Hearing Notice Sent: 2/21/2018
Hearing Notice (Examiner)
Notice Date: 2/21/2018... Scheduled: 4/5/2018...
Hearing Notice (Examiner)
Notice Date: 4/13/2018... Scheduled: 6/7/2018...
Flood Review Reqd (H)
Requirement Placed: 12/29/2017... ...

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